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We are Ross, Laura, Josh, and Noah – a British family of 4 who have been documenting our journey traveling by sail. In 2019 we realised our biggest dream: to leave ‘normal’ life for a sailing life on the ocean – with no previous experience! We’ve been sharing it all on YouTube ever since. Ross/Captain bit the bullet in 2018 when he surprised us all and bought our 42ft Bavaria yacht Holly Blue and we left our ‘normal’ life for one of adventure and the unknown. 

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‘Find your happy, feel your best. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere!’

Boat Fit is a members-only area of our website and is both an online ‘gym’ and your ultimate guide to health, fitness and wellness. This includes workout videos and yoga flows filmed against the epic backdrop of the Greek Islands…..and so much more!

We have had some terrific highs and lows. We’ve had financial struggles, hospital emergencies, water shortages, scary sails and many near-misses…..all whilst running businesses and homeschooling. But we wouldn’t change our boat-life for anything – every epic sail and incredible sunset is worth the challenge of making it all work.

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