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Our Boat Fit Private Members area is here to help you create a lifestyle that blends eating well & working out intelligently with embracing a positive mindset & well-managed lifestyle. 

It incorporates the powerful balance of your four life areas – Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset and Lifestyle. We use this to create a recipe for success to help you find and maintain your best body & a healthy mind – Boat Fit is about living your best life and as the happiest version of yourself.

Through our educational posts, Facebook Community Group, Workout Videos, Yoga Flows and Recipes – we’re here to teach you true balance. We believe everyone deserves so much more than ‘old-school’ brutal exercise regimes, fad diets and restrictive eating – that are all scientifically proven to not work in the long term.

In our Fitness Videos section we include awesome scenic workouts and yoga flows – enjoyable anywhere, regardless of equipment or space.

IN A NUTSHELL: You can be confident that from physical and mental health advice to a complete guide of how to manage your nutrition. At Boat Fit – we’ve got you covered!

Boat Fit PLUS and Boat Fit PRO (private coaching)

In addition to everything we offer our Boat Fit Members, Coach Laura works with one to one clients to help them maximise progress with extra accountability and personal feedback. Because every ‘body’ is different and every person is unique. She has created an ultimate health and wellness coaching process. She utilises science-proven knowledge, teamed with a natural and holistic coaching style to educate your mind and balance your life. Working WITH your body, and not against it!

By Laura J FitForLife.

Online Fitness and Nutrition Coach and Co-Founder of Boat Fit.

Qualified PT. Hatha Yoga, Pre-Post Natal Yoga and Childrens Yoga Teacher.

International Bikini Fitness Athlete, 2018 UK National Champion, ranked 10th Worldwide.


An incredibly well researched and knowledgeable in-depth approach to developing better habits and balancing lifestyle with a tonne of life commitments. It’s given me a mature and sustainable method of staying trim, strong and healthy. Her enthusiasm and fantastic attitude to life, health, self-management and fitness is infectious and wonderfully refreshing. Couldn’t rate her higher than I already do!!!

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Laura offers a very personalized service whether home or abroad! She takes account of your own lifestyle and those things you can’t live without and manages to find a way to make it work. Laura is incredibly dedicated to helping her clients achieve the results they want and takes the time to really get to know you and find solutions to obstacles you may need to overcome. She lives what she teaches and loves what she does.

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