BOAT LIFE and SAILING latest posts

Boat Life – Latest Posts

BOAT LIFE and SAILING latest posts

Take a sneak preview of what’s happening right here in our latest posts on Instagram. Laura loves sharing our adventures and regularly posts snippets of our boat life here on the greek islands. Sailing and living on a sail boat has been life changing for us. And so we want to share the joy of this journey with you – and take you along for the ride. Enjoy!

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Boat Life:

Sometimes it is good to step outside of your comfort zone to get another perspective on life. Especially to grow as a person or a family unit. This lifestyle choice came about because “we didn’t just want to exist” but instead we wanted to get the best out of life and for our family. Boat life doesn’t come easy or without sacrifice but the rewards are worth it. We’ve never felt so connected as a family but also to mother nature.

Our YouTube episodes and Instagram posts have been created in the hope that we can inspire you to live your own life the way you want to rather than “doing what you THINK you should be doing” or living like everyone else is living. We run two businesses, educate our children, and explore the world all from our tiny floating home – showing that there are no limitations to what is possible with an open mind and a faith-filled heart.


Sailing is the ultimate challenge for a family. It requires teamwork, wisdom, intuition, endurance and courage, as well as the obvious skills of knowing how to sail. The ocean has moods like a passionate woman, and you want be on her good side! If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you are not, it is wise to know how to respond and where to hide! Sailing the notoriously strong Meltemi Winds here on the greek islands has tested us as a family in all the above. As a result this has made us stronger than we ever could have imagined.

There truly is no feeling of freedom quite like when the sails are out, the engine is turned off and you are heading wherever the wind takes you! We see this as a metaphor – The Engine represents life’s ‘noise’ and feeling like you need to pay for happiness…

The wind in the sails represents peace and quiet and that the best things in life are actually free. Everyone needs ‘their quiet’, and therefore this lifestyle has given our family much peace and happiness.

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