Laura’s Book Recommendations

Laura reading one of her favourite diet books about the fascinating topic of gut health.
Laura relaxing during a crossing reading one of her favourite diet books all about the fascinating topic ‘gut health’.



How you think, affects how you feel, which also leads to how you act. Over my years as an athlete and a Diet, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach I have read countless books in my search for inspiration, motivation, self-improvement, research and helpful information. This has led me to create a little library of personal favourites that I read time and time again and that have changed my mindset, rewired my thinking, challenged my knowledge, improved my diet, and helped me push myself to transform my body and reach for my dreams….and they could do the same for you TOO!! So I’ve put together this full list of epic Diet, Yoga, Fitness & Lifestyle Book Recommendations – to change the way you think, move, & LIVE! A good book can literally make it all happen…….


It’s all well and good knowing the science behind diet, fitness and training….but appliying consistency, lifestyle changes, ways of thinking and the resulting habits are what not only create the changes you desire in your life – but will be what serve to make them STICK. The books I recommend in the first section below have not only shifted the ways I think, but have provided me the mental clarity I searched for so long to find, and helped me ditched not only negative self-talk, but also reduce the b@llsh!t in my life to one that is now full of joy, fullfillment, satisfaction, adventure, love and purpose. Enjoy….that is all……


If you know me then you know I love to get bendy – yoga has been a huge foundation to my mental and physical health for over 20 years now and I have been a qualified Hatha, Childrens and Pre/Post Natal Yoga teacher for 10 of those! Yoga not only connect our minds to our physical body, but it also lengthens and strengthens muscles, improves circulation, relieves tight and painful joints in auto-immune conditions, helps posture, improves exercise recovery, helps to provide a place of peace for tired minds and generally is an incredble way to support your lifestyle on so many levels… are my yoga go-to book recommendations, for every level……


Lets get this straight – I don’t believe in ‘diets’, not in the fad sense of the word anyway! restriction leads to misery and rebound…no one needs that in their lives. BUT everything we choose to eat as part of our regular daily intake is considered our ‘diet’, and this can either make or break us when it comes to energy, physical functioning, health, longevity and mental clarity. So I make it my personal responsibility as a mum, wife, athlete and coach to promote eating beautifully and intelligently, but still allowing times to fit in the fun to satisfy our souls!

The books I recommend below have some fab recipes to support and encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, and will also fill your gaps in education to help you understand the workings of your body, from the inside out……

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