Your Ultimate Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset & Lifestyle Guide!

What is BoatFit?

BoatFit is a paid membership area where you can access exclusive health, fitness and wellness educational content. This includes early access to all BoatFit YouTube videos! There are fitness and lifestyle tips, meal plans, nutritional advice, recipes, yoga flows and workouts (all filmed in the beautiful back drop of the stunning places we sail to).

Simple Diet & Lifestyle Coaching Package

BoatFit Coaching Lite – 8x Week Block

SUITABLE FOR: Anyone who wants to gain control of their diet & lifestyle for immediate results. INCLUDES: Nutrition plan, lifestyle & nutrition instructions, personalised calorie goal, 1 x weekly check-in (including feedback from Laura).


BoatFit – Memberships

BoatFit – Online Access Only (No Coaching)

  • Weight loss guidance
  • Simple recipes
  • Nutritional education
  • Exclusive fitness, lifestyle and wellness advice
  • Workout Videos and plans
  • Yoga flows
  • Access to BoatFit Facebook Page
  • Early access to BoatFit YouTube videos
  • Boat Fit Meal Guide

How Much? ONLY 瞿15 per Month

Pay Yearly & get 6 months free! Click HERE

or for MONTHLY click below:

BoatFit Plus – with Personal Coaching

SUITABLE FOR: General fitness, weight and lifestyle improvement

  • Includes full access to the Boat Fit Online Area
  • Personalised calorie & macro goal
  • 1 x weekly check-in
  • Personalised fitness program
  • Facebook Community Page (search ‘BoatFit’ on facebook)

The price for this membership is 瞿160 per Month

BoatFit Pro – with Extensive Coaching

SUITABLE FOR: Total Body Transformations, Fitness Competitors & fitness enthusiasts that want to go to the NEXT LEVEL.

  • Includes full access to the Boat Fit Online Area
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition planning
  • Supplement recommendation 
  • Personalised calorie & macro goal
  • Habits management
  • 2x weekly check-ins inc diet & fitness feedback
  • Personalised fitness program
  • Facebook Community Page (search ‘BoatFit’ on facebook)
  • FULL Extensive Coaching education regarding Macros, Diet and lifestyle

The price for this membership is 瞿250 per Month

Maximise your potential with Boat Fit PRO – the ultimate level of coaching and accountability.

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, a competition, a fitness event or a total lifestyle overhaul – Laura’s got you covered.

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