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If you have any questions, please send us a message – we would love to hear from you! You can also check out our frequently asked questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to your YouTube channel?

Never miss an episode! Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We also have a monthly membership which will give you access to exclusive content and early access to our latest SHB episodes. Click here for more information on our SHB membership. 

What are the pro’s and cons of this lifestyle?

I think we naturally show a lot of the pros in our videos but some of the “unseen” cons would be that like most other people we need to sleep 1/3 of the time, look after our physical/mental health and complete a work week.  Though our time is flexible this can be very challenging when combined with trying to keep a boat afloat, it’s similar to parenting in that sailing and maintaining a boat is a full-time job in itself!  Quite often sea conditions can change from comfortable to very uncomfortable which makes focusing on work & moving spots a juggling act. 

However, the result of these challenges & hard work is an amazing lifestyle and the fact that we have grown closer as family and as a married couple.  We no longer sweat the small stuff and appreciate the good times more.

Can it work if we have young children?

Yes absolutely, be safe but learn to relax and your children will thrive!  We feel the younger the better as they will naturally become accustomed to boat rules, safety and life on the ocean.  There are heaps of live aboard families out there to connect to and friends can be made everywhere.

What would you do differently if you started out again?

Practice makes perfect, whether it’s filming, editing, talking on camera or more importantly sailing, it’s all the same, the more you do the better and wiser you get. 

What are your average living/running costs each month?

About £2-3k a month.  Although usually it’s a larger amount before the season starts ie/ boat lift out, maintenance, upgrades, insurance, cruising taxes etc.  We live pretty frugally as we are not big consumers (not much room for belongings on a boat anyway) but one of our biggest shopping bills is actually food…we love to eat well & have two hungry growing boys to feed.

How do u deal with the bad days?

Usually a bad day is like most other peoples – induced by stressful events.  This means it’s time to have a swim, dive, paddle-board, kayak, read a book in the sun on deck or go for walk somewhere to reflect and remember why we are out here doing this in the first place. With scenery in Greece and waking up on the ocean it doesn’t take long to start smiling again.

Winter definitely sends more bad than good though, purely because we are tied to a dock and can get ‘cabin fever’ when the weather turns cold/wet.  This is what can turn a rough day into a tough period of time.

What advice would you give to someone that was considering this lifestyle?

Before you start out, establish some kind of remote income or save up enough to be able to survive for at least 2 years to give yourself ‘breathing space’ to literally learn the ropes, be sure you can support yourself and to make sure it’s truly the life for you.

Try before you buy! Maybe take a charter for two weeks somewhere but at the same time make sure you visualise what life would be like if it wasn’t ‘just a holiday’.  This could save you from making the wrong decision or could motivate you to follow through if the reality is still your dream.  You know what they say – if it feels right go with it!  We just ‘knew’ in our hearts that it was for us as the good days always outweigh the bad and the thought of living on land again is not something we contemplate – even when the tough times happen!