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Our Sailing Life


Hello! We are Ross, Laura, Joshua and Noah. Back in 2018 we decided to up sticks, leave the rat race, our suburban home in the UK and all it’s creature comforts to literally set sail into the unknown! From here our new Sailing life was born…

A life of adventure

Leaving the security of our jobs was a tough call. We were what many would consider ‘financially comfortable’ and had a nice car, a recently renovated house, and the boys were happy at school. To others it may have seemed that we had it all figured out but this ‘perfect’ life just didn’t suit our wild and adventurous natures and we felt permanently bogged down by societal expectations. Money meant little to us. We had always yearned for a life in the sun and we wanted to show the boys the value of travel, and the simplicity of sailing life.

We pulled the boys out of school and prepared everything to leave England for a life of adventure and unknown. All that seems like a dream now – time rushed by and everything just came together.

Meet Our Family

Introducing the team!




Ross is Captain of Holly Blue and works very hard on our YouTube Episodes, rarely complaining – his aim is to create light hearted entertainment with a professional ‘edge’ to be enjoyed over a cold one.



First Mate

Laura is mum, teacher, first mate & a lifestyle coach – helping people to health and happiness at BoatFit. She’s the one who gets us all up & onshore to explore – when we might otherwise bob about all day….



The Joker

Josh is the on board comedian…always there with a smile or a song to keep our spirits up – he’s a musical maestro on piano and a mathematical whizz kid with a heart of solid gold!



The Dare Devil

Noah is fearless fast, energetic and fun – but despite his endless energy he is the most easy-going of us, happy to ‘let life ‘happen’ and providing a grounding energy on board.

Our Family Album