Fitness Equipment Recommendations


Everyone thinks they need a gym to train.  When, in fact, FITNESS IS EVERYWHERE! all you need is to place your body under enough resistance, and therefore your muscles under enough stimulus, in order to grow lean muscle mass, boost your metabolism, get fitter and healthier, and be rocking your best body. See below a recommended list fitness equipment that I personally use.

“Muscle hypertrophy occurs when the fibres of the muscles sustain damage or injury. The body repairs damaged fibres by fusing them, which increases the mass and size of the muscles.”

Laura working out on her fittness training mat. another piece of essential equipment for working out on the move.
Laura working out with her favourite peice of fitness equipment the Barbell.

So why does it matter if your own ‘gym’ is a corner of your kitchen, your back garden, a local park, or the deck of a boat? (that’s my gym).

IT DOESN’T! with the right equipment.

Training where you want means no gym fees, no contracts, no commuting, no stress!  Of course gyms are a great place to socialise and have fun BUT if you have other times demands and really just prefer to go it alone, then home training with the correct workout equipment is just as effective – it simply requires a little dedication, probably an awesome soundtrack, and some key pieces of fitness equipment to be able to create the stimulus needed to create lean muscle mass.


Training with music can increase exercise performance by up to 15%.

Clever training techniques like simply slowing down movement whilst using your fitness equipment during an exercise (i.e bicep curls) engages more muscle fibres (because you are relying less on gravity) and this means you can create more muscle fibre damage WITHOUT the need for extra weight on the bar!

Laura showing her Fitness Equipment to our follwers and subscribers.

Fitness Equipment

Below is a list of fantastic equipment that I personally use to provide a simple go-to ‘kit’, that takes up little space, but maximises my time and exercises and provides variety when training.

Skin-Friendly Resistance Bands

3 in One Push up and Core Strength Set

Non-Damaging Rubber Barbell Set

Body Sculpture Smart Dumbbell Tower

KG Physio Yoga Mat or Exercise Mat

BODYMATE Smooth Foam Roller

Mytra Fusion Grip Pads (prevent calluses)

Reebok Step – Versatile piece of Equipment