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SHB – Member

  • Early access to our YouTube videos
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  • Private Facebook Community group
  • Members only LIVE video chats
  • Additional Members only content and bonus material
  • Name mention in our YouTube credits.

£10 per month.


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Boat Fit Members

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Boat Fit – Member

  • Weight loss guidance
  • Simple recipes 
  • Meal Plans
  • Nutritional education
  • Exclusive fitness, lifestyle and wellness advice
  • Workout Videos and plans
  • Yoga flows
  • Access to BoatFit Facebook Page
  • Early access to BoatFit YouTube videos
  • Boat Fit Meal Guide

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Why become a Sailing Holly Blue Member?

Hi Guys, we often get asked by our audience how they can help in order for us to be able to keep our videos and content coming…

The answer is simple, there are many free ways that you can help us. Just by liking, commenting and sharing our videos you put us out there which is very important for the channel.

Show us the MONEY!

The other way is of course – money! We all know this can be a taboo subject, which always makes me (Ross) laugh, as money is what makes ‘todays’ world go around! No one is spared from the need for financial stability, even us sailors (who perhaps fish for their food and move with the wind) don’t escape the need for it!

SHB - Membership

We are the same as you and we need money for the same reasons as anyone else too…, water, shelter etc. But we want to make a living out of doing good in the world by hopefully inspiring others to live a more simple life.


Recently we decided to create a couple of new MEMBERSHIP areas right here on our Website. We are excited about this because we feel it is a bit more personal, just like our vlogs! These membership areas are similar to Patreon, in the sense that it requires a membership fee in exchange for content. However we dislike the word “fee” and hope that you would look at this as more of a mutually beneficial way of supporting our channel. You spend ‘time’ working hard to earn your money and we spend ‘time’ working hard creating entertainment and uplifting and useful content for you as our audience and members…

What we have to offer…

If you have made it to here, then you must have seen our videos and hopefully feel that you have gotten to know us somewhat!

One thing we hope sets us apart is that we are not afraid to be completely transparent, we share our struggles as well as our strengths and give a true insight into what it is really like to sail and function as a live aboard family. We think this is very important because it gives hope to other people that despite challenges, you can still live your dreams.

Also Laura is also very keen to share with you her wealth of knowledge in living a healthy lifestyle which is what Boat Fit is all about! More on Boat Fit right HERE

In addition to this we want to provide quality to our audience and so we are constantly seeking to improve our episodes and the other media based projects we are producing.

We still think that the concept of Patreon is great and so continue to be part of it. Click below to become a Patron and for more info…